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Offering quality, interactive, web-based lectures


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ALS courses

ALS courses are designed with the paramedic in mind. Although BLS level care is still discussed, the emphasis is on care provided by the paramedic. ALS level courses can be used for continuing education for EMTs and paramedics alike.

BLS courses

BLS courses are designed with the EMT in mind. Although these courses can be used by both EMTs and paramedics for continuing education, the focus is on BLS level care. Good care starts with BLS level care.

Critical Care courses

Critical Care level courses are designed for the critical care paramedic or nurse in mind. These courses go deeper into pathophysiology and treatment. Advanced care such as ventilator management and other skills are the focus of these courses. This course may be used by any provider for continuing education.

Specialty Care courses

Specialty care courses focus mainly on advanced pediatric, neonatal, or maternal-fetal care. These patients are highly specialized and oftentimes require advanced ventilators, medications, and monitoring equipment. These courses are specifically presented for specialty care teams such as neonatal and high-risk obstetric teams. The education may be used for any level provider for continuing education.

EMS Division Chief –
Zionsville Fire Department

“At Zionsville Fire Department we use EMSeducation.net To easily assign and track our staff’s EMS training hours as well as having some of our own fire training added to the course list. The courses are very educational and the flexibility of having the courses able to be viewed when convenient for the staff makes it easy for everyone to keep up on these monthly scheduled training.”

EMS Chief –
Carmel Fire Department
“EMSed fulfills the following needs for the Carmel Fire Department
24/7 self-learning
Audit and review training hours
All didactic training that meets the requirements of certification and/or licensure
also good when we have new equipment or procedures that need to be viewed and tracked for completion”

Division Chief of Emergency Medical Services
“EMSed has been a great adjunct to help fill in the gaps we experience in providing education to our providers. It’s convenient, easy to use and there are a wealth of pertinent topics to pick from. It’s great to have a local education platform that caters specifically to EMS providers.”


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