EMS Medical Direction

New for 2023, EMSEducation.net has partnered with Indiana EMS Physicians, LLC and is happy to offer EMS Medical Direction for all levels of EMS provider agency.  Our team of EMS Medical Directors is available to work with you and your agency from BLS non-transport all the way through the critical care transport provider agency. Public or private service, Indiana EMS Physicians providers have a long history of providing high-quality, actively involved EMS Medical Direction. Led by CMO and Board Certified EMS Physician Dr. Michael Kaufmann, Indiana EMS Physician Medical Directors are licensed in several states including Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, North Carolina, and California.  Medical Direction is also available for Public Safety Answering Points (Dispatch Communication Centers,) law enforcement organizations, and EMS training institutions.  Fees are reasonable and commensurate with provider level, agency size, and response volume.  Inquiries can be sent to makaufmann@inemsmd.com